June 4, 2021

IMR: I Am a Shaman

Donovan/David Lynch-I Am a Shaman

John Dwyer-Baphomet

Three-Layer Cake-A Durable Quest

Claire Rousay-Discrete (The Market)

The Lounge Lizards-John Zorn’s S&M Circus

SLW cc Watt-Delay and Feedback in E

Lower Interiors-Charlie

Bomis Prendin-Square One

Elegiac-Vancouver Slim

Angel Bat Dawid-Impepho

Woods-Bumble Bee Crown King



Horse Lords-Integral Accident

Silver Apples-Concerto for Monkey and Oscillator


Sontag Shogun-no.8 (Leaves Like Photographs)

Dean Hurley-Eastern European Symphonic Mood No. 1

Juana Molina-Lo Dejamos

Bing & Ruth-Gigantic

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