Art by Luke Frueh

Ensemble Economique-I Light my Cigarette, I See YOU There
Triigroup-G lok G lok
Matmos-In Search of a Lost Faculty
Schneider Kacirek-Electro Electronics
Pavel Milyakov/Yana Pavlova-Midnight Blues
Duck Duck Chicken-Rainbow Jackelope
Bjorn Torske-First Movement
Claire Rousay/More Eaze-Great Song
Angel Bat Dawid-Transition East
Leafblower-Leaf Organ
Circuit Des Yeux-A Sory of This World Part II
David Toop-37th Floor at Sunset

Three-Layer Cake-A Durable Quest
Anthony Pirog-Happy Coat
Kink Gong-Jarai 63
Alpha Maid-DOGGY
Mold Omen-Item 5 Modifier
Masayoshi Fujita-Helio
Leon Vynehall-Farewell! Magnus Gabbro
Muqata’a-Marj Ibn Amer
Moritz Von Oswald Trio-Chapter 9
Bendik Giske-Adjust

October 8, 2021

IMR: I Believe

Gnod-Pink Champagne Blues

Negativland-Christianity is Stupid

Cabaret Voltaire-Sluggin for Jesus, Part 1

Ryoji Ikeda-Test Pattern #1111

German Army-Turpan Depression


The Same-Hot & Cold

The Soft Pink Truth-Sinning


Duck Duck Chicken-Kiss the Finch

Spacebomb House Band-Flyers

Jan Jelinek-Happening Tone


Bomis Prendin-A True Story

zake-Infinite Ocean

Anna Von Hausswolff-Outside the Gate (for Bruna)

Lizard Hands-Be of Good Cheer, We Will Not Desert You

Tuen Verbruggen/Trevor Dunn-O. Orkin’s Insect Zoo

Nels Cline-Canales Cabeza

David Toop-You Could Touch Him but He Wasn’t There

Lidl-Fylla Plastpase Med Frukt Och Gront

Sarah Davachi-Magdelena

p4rkr-Birthday Girl

On/Fennesz-The Sound of White

October 1, 2021

IMR: Atom Heart Earl

Photo by Edvard Graham Lewis


Dr. Pete Larson and his Cytotoxic Nyatiti Band-Nyagweno

Lower Interiors-Parking Lot Blues

Bomis Prendin-Head Flexing

Bjorn Torske/Prins Thomas-Kappe Tre

Low-White Horses

Thomas Dinger-Fur Dich

Kosmischer Laufer-Sandtrommel

Golden Retreiver-Flight Song

Claire Rousay/More Eaze-Smaller Pools

GAS-Konigsforst 4



Faust-Lost the Signal

Edvard Graham Lewis-Quick Skin

Norman Westberg-A Particular Tuesday

Thomas Leer-Monorail

Konstrukt/Thurston Moore-Ugultular

Fire!-Each Millimeter of the Toad, Part 2

September 25, 2021

IMR: Anechoic Sunset

Beak>-Ah Yeh


Claire Rousay/More Eaze-21 Cents Flat and Yearning

Yoko Ono-Don’t Count the Ways

Vladislav Delay/Robbie Shakespeare/Sly Dunbar-(520)

Moritz Von Oswald Trio-Chapter 2

Eli Keszler-Static Doesn’t Exist

Luke Stewart/Jarvis Earnshaw Quartet-Anechoic Sunset

Bob Bucko Jr.-There is No Other

Vladislav Delay/Max Loderbauer-Block B3


Darren Cross-Avec Moi, Avec Vous

Walt McClements-Reckon (holding burning beams)

Mold Omen-Fragmentation

Bomis Prendin-Red Bull and Kafka

Dictaphone-Your Reign is Over

Joy Orbison-Born Slipping

Blak Saagan-La Firma del Legionario

Three-Layer Cake-Beatified, Bedraggled and Bombed

Ripatti-90 Dreams

Vladislav Delay-Viisari

September 17, 2021



Vladislav Delay-Ranta

This Heat-A New Kind of Water

Leafblower-Leaf Organ


Klara Lewis/Peder Mannerfelt

Joy Orbison-runnerz

Bendik Giske-Flutter

David Toop-Tiny Human Figurines Made of Sand

Maggie Payne-In the Night Sky


Uuuu-Il Ventre Del Nulla

Sarah Davachi-Diaphonia Basilica

Vladislav Delay-Viite

Bomis Prendin-Unnamed Loop

Bob Bucko Jr.-Go to Places

Claire Rousay/More Eaze-Smaller Pools


C.J. Boyd/John McCauley-Boulevards

Dictaphone-Island 92

Tallawit Timbouctou-Khoumeissa

Jon Hassell-Fearless

Bomis Prendin-We’re Recording!

Leafblower-Leaf Frenzy

Joy Orbison-w/frankie and Dad

C.J. Boyd, Bob Bucko Jr.-Hell-Bent and Heaven Sent

Bronze Age UFO-B4

Zach Barocas New Freedom Sound-Eleventh Freedom

John Dwyer-Your Hatless Friend

Heroes Are Gang Leaders-Internet Kill Switch

yes/And-Learning About Who You Are

Silver Apples-Cosmic String


Bmois Prendin-We Meet in Digital Spaces

The Same-My First Ride in a Metro

Mabe Fratti/Claire Rousay-Hacia el Vacio

Bronze Age UFO-B3



Tashi Dorji/Tyler Damon-Both Will Escape

Bronze Age UFO-A5

Bomis Prendin-Make It a Hit


September 4, 2021

IMR: Monochrome September

Nina Simone-Funkier Than a Mosquito’s Tweeter

Ray Sapienz/The Congo Techno Ensemble-Minzoto

Bushmeat Sound System-Mother’s Day, Osage Avenue

Holy Tongue-And Your Camp Shall be Sacred

Bob Bucko Jr.-Our Common Concerns

Alpha Maid-Mild Weather

Yes/And-Ugly Orange

Tristan Welch-Ascending II (Willing)

Mold Omen-Velerian Footstool

German Army-Krakatau


Qualchan-Will Downwards Put Out My Single

Alpha Maid-Doggy

Claire Rousay/More Eaze-Songs for a Tuned Guitar



Masayoshi Fujita/Jan Jelinek-Botuto

Eric Flohr Reynolds-Thoughts Without Words

So Percussion-Lay All Your Love On Me

Pan-American-Glass Room at the Airport

Lizard Hands-Gossip, Rumors and Dreams

Fennesz/Jim O’Rourke-Wouldn’t Want to be Swept Away

August 27, 2021

IMR: Expressway to Dopamine

Art by Luke Frueh

Alpha Maid-SUM1

The Same-Hot & Cold

Claire Rousay/More Eaze-Floor PT3

Vanessa Amara-Piano & Tape Loops

Jaimie Branch-Simple Silver Surfer (live)

Emeka Ogboh-Danfo Mellow

Lizard Hands-Backyards

Ruth Mascelli-Missing Men

Joao Lobo-Cumulonimbo

Bronze Age UFO-A5


Rey Sapienz/The Congo Techno Ensemble

Holy Tongue-Breicha

Orvang Halmer-Desert Lightning

SUOLO-The Stalking (Nosferatu)

Ripatti-filthy fresh

Zach Barocas New Freedom Sound-Fourth Freedom

Masayoshi Fujita/Jan Jelinek-Bututo

Eric Flohr Reynolds-Thought Without Words

On/Fennesz-The Sound of White


August 21, 2021

IMR: Welcome Brownie Eaters

Art by Luke Frueh


The Same-E Scapes

Carl Didur-Water Seeks

Population II-Attraction

Pavel Milyakov & Bendik Giske-Untitled 4

Benoit B-Cowboy Dan

Melvins-Night Goat (Acoustic)

Zach Barocas New Freedom Sound-Eleventh Freedom

Kassel Jaeger-Mortes-Eaux


Eric Flohr Reynolds-Back to Where We Always Are

Blak Saagan-Saltano Le Pecorelle

Darren Cross-Psychic Scum

Claire Rousay-Diluted Dreams

FACS-Alone Without

Masyoshi Fujita/Jan Jelinek-Parades

Mold Omen-Magnetic Memory

Rachel Lyn-Make Me Feel Inside La La

Three-Layer Cake-Luminous Range

Joao Lobo-Cumulonimbo


August 13, 2021

IMR: Lo and Behold

Funkadelic-Super Stupid

John Dwyer-Terra Incognito

Masayoshi Fujita/Jan Jelinek-Urub

Kassel Jaeger-Serpentine Mosiac

Zach Barocas New Freedom Sound-Tenth Freedom

Jon Hassell-Open Secret (Paris)

Joao Lobo-10 de Novembro

Foodman-Hoshikuzu Tenboudai

Bronze Age UFO-A4


Bomis Prendin-New Tribal Sneakers

Darren Cross-BLU MTN DEW

So Percussion/Caroline Shaw-Lay Your Love on Me

Kink Gong-Kink Epplay

Peter Graf York-E-Mail

Lizard Hands-Houses of the Old Neighborhood

Sofie Birch-Morgenander

Masayoshi Fujita/Jan Jelinek-Helio

Daniel Lentz-O-Ke-Wa

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