December 4, 2020

IMR-Poles Reversed

Tobacco-Motherfuckers 64

Mort Garson-Didn’t You Hear?

The Magnetic Fields-The Day the Politicians Died

Dominique Dumond-Arrival

Badge Epoque Ensemble-Birds Fly Through Ancient Ruins

Kahil El’Zabar-Sketches from Afro Blue

Carl Stone-Pasjoli

Model Home-Feast of th Beast

Bomis Prendin-Mandolin Orchestra

Eiko Ishibashi-Animal-Kimono

William Basinski-All These Too, I, I Love


Alex Zhang Hungtai/Pavel Milyakov-cycle 3

High Aura’d-Remain in Light

Ana Roxanne-Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose

Ryoji Ikeda-Headphonics

Mort Garson-Death Talk and Jeep Approach

Luke Sanger-Onyx Pyramid

Paul De Jong-The Jar Bell

Sun Ra Arkestra-Rocket No. 9

The Ridiculous Trio-We Will Fall

November 27, 2020

IMR: Crusin’ with the Bunny

Red Crayola-Hurricane Fighter Plane/Free Form Freak Out #2

Trupa Trupa-Of the Sun

Alex Zhang Hungtai/Pavel Milyakov-cycle-3

Ryoji Ikeda-Movement 10

Osees-I Got a Lot

Frankie and the Witch Fingers-Dracula Drug

Darren Cross-N’abandonnez 2


The Mantis DC-Capo

Fripp and Eno-The Heavenly Music Corporation (Part One)

Alex Zhang Hungtai/Pavel Milyakov-who do I?

Anna Von Hausswolff-Sacro Bosco

The Ridiculous Trio-Dirt

Oshinoko Bunker Orchestra-W.I.T.J.

Sun Ra Arkestra-Angels and Demons at Play

Bronze Age UFO-Dunno (part one)

November 20, 2020

IMR: I’m Iggy Pop

The Ridiculous Trio-No Fun

Kahil El’Zabar-Jump and Shout (For Those Now Gone)

Model Home-Are You Shur?

Ryoji Ikeda-Data.Adaplex

Majik Markers-Surf’s Up

Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Danger Bird

Deerhoof-Love-Lore 2

Fly Pan AM-Mirror Cracks Seeking Interiority

Kosmischer Laufer-Das Meer 2

Jonathan Fitoussi-Continent Blanc



Darren Cross-Sum_mer Taped

Sun Ra Arkestra-Satellites are Spinning/Light on a Satellite

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker-Hunter Song

The Mantis DC-Waiting on a Plane

Model Home-Cold Gettin’ Dogg

Bomis Prendin-Why. Souffle

Greg Fox-Contact

November 13, 2020


Osees-The Virologist

Jonathan Fitoussi-Soleil De Minuit

Ryoji Ikeda-Data.Vortex

Luke Sanger-Flatland Frequencies

Bomis Prendin-First Light


The Soft Pink Truth-Grace

Greg Fox-Ill Being

Anna Von Hausswolff-Persefone


John Kolodij-Geometry of Space

Darren Cross-Honeeey Pot

High Aura’d-Spivey Point

Ryoji Ikeda-Data.Syntax

Tim Daisy-Lighted

Bronze Age UFO-(Baltimore) Yesternow

Miles Davis-Yesternow

Holy Tongue-Misinai

Tristan Welch-Family Stress (Ambient Distress)

Art by Luke Frueh of the Ohio Recount Center

Television Prison

Tell 'Em the Old Man is Coming

Tell Me Why

Temporarily Insane

Temporary Shutdown

Tenth Century

Thank You Jane

That Ain't No Good

That Girl Moore

That's Good

That's the Spirit

That's the Way You Gave It To Me

Thee White Flower

Their Biggest Win

Thelonius Has Eaten All the Paper


Then Again

Then We Agree

There Are Other Worlds

There Goes the King Again

There Never Was A Sea of Love

There's No Such Thing As Global Warming

These Dooms


They and Them

They Called Him So Much

They Fall Silent

They're Not Real Honey

They're Not Witches

Thick and Thin

Thimble Society

Thin Esacpe

Things Have Changed (Down in Mexico City)

Things I Will Keep

Think. Be a Man


November 6, 2020

IMR: So, What Happened?

Art By Luke Frueh


A Love Supreme Electric-A Love Supreme

Galecstasy-Advanced Civilization

It’s a Beautiful Day-White Bird

Anna Von Hausswolff-All Thoughts Fly

The Focus Group-The Pseudo Star

Paul De Jong-Embowelment

Greg Fox-From the Cessation of What

Matmos/Yo La Tengo-Lo! Lavender River Karez


Anthony Pirog-Untitled Atlas

Bronze Age UFO-Helen Butte Said This

Bomis Prendin-First Light

Mystery Tape-X1D

Horse Queens-Agua

Jumpstarted Plowhards-Makin’ It All Settle Down

MSSV-If Anybody Could Help

Funkadelic-Wake Up!

The Soft Pink Truth-On

Teun Verbruggen-Ruby Rose

Phantom Limb


Artemia Salinas


October Bargain Days

Contrabande/Shoe Party

The Doppler Shift

New York Nightmare



Laughing Anti-Matter

Umbral Vectors


Malay Deadfall

Not at Home




First Light

Street Without Lunch

38 Angry Tigers

I Don’t Want


Mystery Squid

Dance of the Macadamians

The Big Horizon

Forced Delight/Debris Factory


America on Hold


Monster Zero

Aggro Culture

October 23, 2020

IMR: Read it in Books

Mezz Gacano-Sunny Son of Blutenstaub Meez Ubao ei Bio Boi

Anna Von Hausswolff-Theatre of Nature

The Books-Be Good to Them Always

Golden Retriever-Sage Thrasher

Paul De Jong-This Flower Will Fade and Die

The Soft Pink Truth-We/Go

Deradoorian-The Illuminator

Greg Fox-Arising and Passing


Miles Davis-The Hen


Paul De Jong-Wavehoven

Lucrecia Dalt-Endiendo

Charles Hayward-Alphabetical Order

Bill Callahan-Ride My Dub

John Martyn-I’d Rather Be the Devil (Live)

October 17, 2020

IMR: A Sound Space

Art by Luke Frueh of Lima, Ohio Democratic Luncheonette


Anna Von Hausswolff-Persefone

Cindy Lee-Just for Loving You I Pay a Price

Den-Mate-It’ll All Come Back

Ezra Feinberg-Recumbent Speech

Bing & Ruth-Live Forever

The Necks-Overhear

numun-Voyage Au Soleil


Lucretia Dalt-Ser Boca

Beverly Glenn-Copeland-Slow Dance


Tristan Welch-Financed Chewing

David Toop-Night Frogs, La Sabana Venezuela, 1978

Brian Eno-The Great Pretender

The Flaming Lips-Brother Eye

Bill Callahan-Summer Dub

Vladislav Delay-(522)

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