June 30, 2017

Make Mine Electric!


 (3:17) Jeff Tweedy “hummingbird”

 (7:16) Wilco “Art of Almost”

 (2:36) Big Walnuts Yonder “Ready to Pop!”

(3:52) Melvins “Christ Hammer (Death)”

(2:36) Iggy Pop “Sixteen”

(3:44) The Stooges “Down on the street”

(3:25) Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind “Boil Yer Blood”

(2:09) Tom Waits “Such a Scream”

(4:41) David Lynch “Sun Can't Be Seen No More”

(3:53) The Yawpers “Mon dieu”

(5:18) The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion “Bellbottoms”

(2:47) Half Japanese “Attack of the Giant Leeches”

(2:16) The Cramps “Human Fly”

(5:20) Chuck Berry “Wonderful Woman”

(2:13) Jason Loewenstein “Superstitious”

(3:20) Firehose “For the Singer of R.E.M.”

(3:22) R.E.M. “Exhuming McCarthy”

(4:06) Pylon “Gyrate”

(4:53) Gauche “Highrise”

(6:17) Au Pairs “It's Obvious”

(1:22) Girlpool “hIGHRISE”

 (4:34) The Evens “Sara Lee”

(3:26) The Breeders “Night of Joy”

(4:44) Julee Cruise “into the night”

(5:25) Chrysta Bell “FALLING”

(5:11) Brian Eno “The Great Pretender”

(5:50) The Flaming Lips “There Should Be Unicorns”

(3:44) Rockers All Stars “Jah Strength Ital Step”

 (4:23) WOBBLE/CZUKAY/LIEBEZEIT “Twilight world”

(6:14) The Clash “Ghetto Defendant”

 (4:33) M.I.A./SANTIGOLD/KILLER ZOE “Get It Up !”

(4:44) Talking Heads “Listening Wind”

(6:17) Peaking LightsMidnight (In the Valley of Shadows)”

(6:18) Vivien Goldman “Private Armies”

(3:48) Santigold “Shove It”

(3:47) Linton Kwesi Johnson “street 66”

(3:29) Public Image Ltd. “The Suit (Remastered 2009)”

(6:17) Bill Laswell “SUBCODE”

(6:19) Jon Hassell “Ba-Benzélé”

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