September 15, 2017

Steely Peanuts!

6:15Walter Becker “Surf and/or Die”

(6:31Steely Dan “The Royal Scam”

(6:29The War on Drugs “Clean Living”

(5:06Grizzly Bear “Losing All Sense”

(5:29LCD Soundsystem “emotional haircut”

(3:55Joy Division “colony”

(3:18Sneaks “Look Like That”

(2:35Liars “Staring at Zero”

(3:31Girl Ray “Where Am I Now”

(3:55The Feelies “in between” 

(4:22The Velvet Underground & Nico “Run Run Run (Stereo Version)” 

(8:11Oh Sees “Keys to the Castle”

(6:49The Claypool Lennon Delirium “The Court of the Crimson King”

(4:11Pink Floyd “astronomy domine”

(6:57The Flaming Lips “powerless”

(12:18Strange Times People Band “Andion”

(3:42Naomi Punk “Cookie II”

(12:48Floating Points “Kelso Dunes”

September 15, 2017

Robots Love Mogwai!

(6:58Mogwai “Crossing the Road Material”

(6:55Golden Retriever “Flight Song”

(13:43LCD Soundsystem “Pulse (v.1)”

(6:06Gwenno “Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki (Tim Gane Remix)”

(6:34Peals “Become Younger”

(8:26Lifeguards “Red Whips & Miracles”

(6:37Immersion “Mechanical Creatures”

(3:22Black Moth Super Rainbow “Lost, Picking Flowers in the Woods”

(4:48Grizzly Bear “Four Cypresses”

(13:03Traffic “Low Spark of the High-Heeled Boys”

(4:57Jim James “All is Forgiven”

(7:40Art Feynman “Feeling Good About Feeling Good”

(3:42Mac Demarco “My Old Man”

(3:13J.J. Cale “Hey Baby”

(4:06Here We Go Magic “make Up Your Mind”

(4:38Dale Crover “Fickle Finger of Fate”

(3:47Sebadoh “Soul and Fire”

(13:01Girl Ray “Earl Grey (Stuck in a Groove)”

(8:45Jim O'Rourke “Women of the World”

(2:42The Beach Boys “Don't Go Near the Water”

(2:52Grizzly Bear “Wasted Acres”

(6:24Radiohead “Paranoid Android (Remastered)”

(5:22Eno Mobius Rodelius “Broken Head”

(4:14David Bowie “Yassasin”

(4:58Doug Hilsinger “Put a Straw Under Baby”

(4:35Tom Tom Club “Booming and Zooming” 

(3:08Girl Ray “Stupid Things”

(5:47LCD Soundsystem “ Tonite”

(8:15Donna Summer “I feel love”

(4:21Throbbing Gristle “Hot on the Heels of Love”

(7:55Kraftwerk “Trans Europe Express / Metal On Metal / Abzug (3-D)”

(4:01Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force “Planet Rock (Instrumental)”

(5:20Liquid Liquid “Cavern”

(4:36Photay “Off-Piste” 

(10:07Cavern of Anti-Matter “Sound-Magic’s Death Ray Destroys the Vortex and Has Union With Infinity” 

(2:56Ride “Lateral Alice”

(6:33Gel-Sol “The Magician's Sojourn”

(23:09Mogwai “Music for a Forgotten Future”

(11:04Norman Westberg “A Particular Tuesday”

(9:00Brian Eno “Brutal Ardour”

(24:26) Gavin Bryars “The sinking of the Titanic”

September 1, 2017

Sometimes Pop Gets Messy!

 (4:54Grizzly Bear “Glass Hillside”

(3:56Daniel Rossen “Up on High”

(3:08Department of Eagles “Teenagers”

(4:29Golden Suits “Like a bird” 

(3:52Andy Shauf “the Magician”

(3:01Cardinal “Dream Figure”

(2:52More Humans “Watch Your Tone in My Dreams”

(3:30Palm “Two Toes” 

(5:27Spaceface “ Parachute”

(5:50The Flaming Lips “There Should Be Unicorns”

(6:20David Bowie “Warszawa”

(2:16Sneaks “future”

(3:14Esg “You're no Good”

(6:53LCD Soundsystem “Somebody's Calling Me”

(4:14Iggy Pop “Nightclubbing”

(5:46Radian “Pickup Pickout” 

(12:36Oneida “10:30 At the Oasis”

(7:07Kosmischer Läufer “Tonband Laufspur (Live)”

(7:25Art Feynman “Hot Night Jeremiah”

(5:00Suicide “Rocket U.S.A.” 

(5:33Photay “The Everyday Push”

(4:34Mogwai “U-235”

(2:57Nuclear Robot Union “Lemons” 

(8:02Neil Young “Sample and Hold”

(3:21Devo “Mechanical Man (Booji Boy Version)”

(3:43Flight of the Conchords “ Robots”

(4:57Holger Czukay “Witches' Multiplication Table”

(6:29Peaking Lights “Dream Beat”

(7:36Jah Wobble & Bill Laswell “Subcode” 

(9:25Miles Davis “So What”

(4:06Downtown Boys “Lips That Bite”

(2:33Guided By Voices “Boy W”

(2:30Little Peggy March “I will follow him”

(4:33Yoko Ono “I Felt Like Smashing My Face in a Clear Glass Window”

(4:00The Slits “I heard it through the grapevine” 

(8:00Strange Times People Band “Big Jenny”

(3:35Fleetwood Mac “Tusk (Remastered)”

(6:13Peaking Lights “Everytime I See the Light”


(6:00Coca Leaf “Riding Ice”

(4:03The Fall “New Facts Emerge”

(3:25Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind “Boil Yer Blood”

(3:28Dale Crover “Bad Move” 

(6:41Melvins “Black Heath (Death)”

(7:09Golden Retriever “Sharp Stones”

(5:12Cluster & Brian Eno “Ho Renomo”

(10:13Kosmischer Läufer “Jenseits des Horizonts”

(6:20Brian Eno “Julie With...”

(4:33Controlled Bleeding “As Evening Fades”

August 18, 2017

Powerful Pop!

(4:46Benjamin Gibbard “I don't know” from Bandwagonesque on Canvasback/Turntable Kitchen/Atlantic

(4:33Frankie Rose “Trouble” from Cage Tropical on Slumberland Records

(5:17Mogwai “Mexican Grand Prix” from Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Bonus Track Version) on Sub Pop Records

(8:26Death Cab For Cutie “I Will Possess Your Heart” from Narrow Stairs (Deluxe Version) on Atlantic Records

(3:29The Effects “Fix As The Reason” from b/w Close The Gap on Bandcamp

(3:44Burning Airlines “Flood of Foreign Capital” from Mission: Control! on DeSoto Records

(7:04XTC “Travels in Nihilon” from Black Sea on Virgin Records

(3:49The Fall “Brillo de Facto” from New Facts Emerge on Cherry Red Records

(3:27Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “Ashtray Heart” from Doc at the Radar Station on Virgin Catalogue

(4:59Tom Waits “In The Coliseum” from Bone Machine on Warner Bros.

(4:34Oneida “the river” from Rated O on Jagjaguwar

(6:24Radian “Blue Noise, Black Lake” from On Dark Silent Off on Thrill Jockey Records

(3:45Trans Am “Surrender to the Night” from You Can Always Get What You Want on Thrill Jockey

(4:11Tortoise “Shake Hands with Danger” from The Catastrophist (Bonus Track Edition) on Thrill Jockey Records

(6:03Melvins “Sober-Delic (Acid Only) [Death]” from A Walk with Love and Death on Ipecac Recordings

(7:29Clutch “Spacegrass (Live)” from Pure Rock Fury on Atlantic Records

(5:28Primus “Mr. Krinkle” from Pork Soda on Interscope

(3:31The Residents “Sinister Exaggerator” from Duck Stab on Cherry Red Records

(5:52Melvins Lite “Mr. Rip Off” from Freak Puke on Ipecac Recordings

(7:36Peaking Lights “Cosmick Dub” from Lucifer in Dub on Weird World

(7:20Peaking Lights “Lo Hi” from Lucifer on Weird World / Hostess

(4:03M “Honolulu Joe” from Famous Last Words on Metro

(3:23Cults “Go Outside” from Cults on ITNO/Columbia

(5:25Kneebody & Daedelus “Drum Battle” from Kneedelus on Brainfeeder

(5:59BJORN TORSKE & PRINS THOMAS “K16 Del 1” from Square One on calentito

(3:00Adrian Younge “Memories of War (feat. Laetitia Sadier)” from Something About April II on Linear Labs

(7:55Stereolab “Metronomic Underground” from Emperor Tomato Ketchup on Duophonic

(6:39The Leaf Library “acre” from Daylight Versions on WIAIWYA

(4:24Throbbing Gristle “Ab/7A” from D.O.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle (Remastered) on Mute

(3:00Kraftwerk “Radioland (3-D)” from Radio-Activity on Parlophone UK

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