August 23, 2019


Art by Luke Frueh

Jackie O Motherfucker-The Wreck
Mount Eerie-Waves
Silver Jews-The Poor, The Fair and The Good
Cosey Fanni Tutti-Tutti
Fire! Orchestra-Dressed in Smoke. Blown Away
Strange Times People Band-Big Jenny
Ami Dang-Make Enquiry
Kosmischer Laufer-Morgen
Nurse with Wound-Standard Table of Daddy
De Lorians-A Ship of Mental Health
Les Marquises-A Forest of Lines
Sparklehorse/Fennesz-Music Box of Snakes
Oren Ambarchi-Palm Sugar Candy

August 16, 2019


Balanescu Quartet-The Model

Coven Tree-No Land

Fennesz-In My Room

Charles Hayward-Alphabetical Order

Lee "Scratch" Perry-Cricket On The Moon

Dem JuJu Poets-Mala Mali

Holger Czukay-Sudetenland

Angelique Kidjo-Crosseyed and Painless


De Lorians-Daytona

Messthetics-Drop Foot

Blacks' Myths-Black Flight

Jon Hassell-Voodoo Wind

Tony Allen-Afro Kungfu Beat

Funkadelic-Wars of Armegeddon



August 9, 2019


Art by Luke Frueh

Oceans of the Moon-Sully
Pere Ubu-Non-Alignment Pact
Des Demonas-The South Will Never Rise Again
Sex Mob-Step Apache
Taciturn-Out of Sight
Wire-Mr. Suit
Thee Oh Sees-C
Jackie O Motherfucker-Wild Geese
Pink Floyd-Quicksilver
Squrl-Gates of Ishtar
Man Forever-The Clear Realization
June of 44-Peel Away Velliety
Lifeguards-Red Whips & Miracles
Moon Duo-White Rose
Conrad Schnitzler-Der Reise und seine Frau

Shellac-The End of Radio
Oceans of the Moon-I'm on a Roll
Melvins-Let Me Roll It
Jackie Mittoo-Ghetto Organ
The Ex-Soon all Cities
Jon Hassell-Sundown Dance
Dem JuJu Poets-Liberated Thoughts
75 Dollar Bill-There's No Such Thing As a King Bee
Les Marquises/Matt Elliott-The Beguiled
Alan Morse Davies-The Grindr V2
Nathan Bajar-Camille
Beak-Minus Pillow
Mogwai-Mexican Grand Prix
June of 44-Equators to Bi-Polar
Horse Lords-Wildcat Strike
Tomaga/Pierre Bastien-Bandiera Di Carta

July 26, 2019

IMR: Subject to Change!

Art by Luke Frueh

Knife Wife-Dreamland

Breeders-Mountain Battles

Squrl-The Dead Just Don't Want to Die Today

Les Marquises-It Happens

Mario Batkovic-Alle Sauvage

Andrew Liles-The Gray Scale (edit)

Oren Ambarchi-Palm Sugar Candy

The Ambient Eye-EYESEAU

Stereolab/Nurse with Wound-Animal or Vegetable

Faust-Meadow Meal

Vanishing Twin-Backstroke

Dem JuJu Poets-Poacher's Lament

Pharoah Sanders-Hum Allah Hum Allah Hum Allah

Blacks' Myths-Upper South



Please bear witness to this Super-Sized "Holy fuck I'm 60!" edition of The Grand Hour. Contained inside is an exemplary "Loose Shoes" review by our own JEFFERSON HARBIN, some notable cursing, and a rain storm. Oh, and a promise for ROCKIES fans. That's quality podcasting, people. 


Young Marble Giants-Searching for Mr. Right

Black Midi-Speedway

Les Marquises-The Tiger of Tasmania

Oren Ambarchi-Simian Angel

The Third Eye Foundation/Tarwater-To Describe You (Talk-Over)

Animal Collective-Polythoa/Best of Times (Worst of All)

Charles Hayward-Thames Water Authority


75 Dollar Bill-I Was Real

Ex-Easter Island Heads-Twenty-Two Strings

The Third Eye Foundation-Goddamn it You've Got to Be Kind (Talk-Over)

July 12, 2019

IMR: Harmacy D

Art by Luke Frueh

Taciturn-Playing God

Shellac-Il Porno Star

Fugazi-Pink Frosty

Black Midi-953

Polvo-Time Isn't On Our Side

Patois Counselors-Pffones

Beak>Minus Pillow

PTU-Doc 22

Lofidels-RWE Speaks

Bushmeat Sound System-X

Cabaret Voltaire-Western Mantra

Ex-Easter Island-Eight Bridges

Charles Hayward-Pinpoint


Tomaga-Squeek & Chatter

Housewives-Beneath the Glass

This Heat-Music Like Escaping Air

Emily A Sprague-New (part 3)/Synth 1



July 5, 2019

IMR: African Starship!

The Raincoats-Shouting Out Loud
Lee "Scratch" Perry-African Starship
Charles Hayward-Alphabetical Order
Quiet Sun-Bargain Classics (Talk-Over)
This Is Not This Heat-Makeshift Swahili (LIVE)
Bushmeat Sound System-U
Nate Young-Human Food
Mark Stewart and the Maffia-Learning to Cope with Cowardice (Flexi-Disc Version)
Linton Kwesi Johnson-Comman Counsel Dub (Talk-Over)
Chester Hawkins-K516156/91044
Black Drumset-All That is Yet To Be Lost
Tomaga-Rabbits of the Void
Keiji Haino/Charles Hayward-6 (Talk-Over)
Don Cherry-Malkuans
Kieren Hebden/Steve Reid/Mats Gustafsson-Untitled
Fire!-I Guard Her to Rest. Declaring Silence.

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