August 18, 2017

Powerful Pop!

(4:46Benjamin Gibbard “I don't know” from Bandwagonesque on Canvasback/Turntable Kitchen/Atlantic

(4:33Frankie Rose “Trouble” from Cage Tropical on Slumberland Records

(5:17Mogwai “Mexican Grand Prix” from Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Bonus Track Version) on Sub Pop Records

(8:26Death Cab For Cutie “I Will Possess Your Heart” from Narrow Stairs (Deluxe Version) on Atlantic Records

(3:29The Effects “Fix As The Reason” from b/w Close The Gap on Bandcamp

(3:44Burning Airlines “Flood of Foreign Capital” from Mission: Control! on DeSoto Records

(7:04XTC “Travels in Nihilon” from Black Sea on Virgin Records

(3:49The Fall “Brillo de Facto” from New Facts Emerge on Cherry Red Records

(3:27Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band “Ashtray Heart” from Doc at the Radar Station on Virgin Catalogue

(4:59Tom Waits “In The Coliseum” from Bone Machine on Warner Bros.

(4:34Oneida “the river” from Rated O on Jagjaguwar

(6:24Radian “Blue Noise, Black Lake” from On Dark Silent Off on Thrill Jockey Records

(3:45Trans Am “Surrender to the Night” from You Can Always Get What You Want on Thrill Jockey

(4:11Tortoise “Shake Hands with Danger” from The Catastrophist (Bonus Track Edition) on Thrill Jockey Records

(6:03Melvins “Sober-Delic (Acid Only) [Death]” from A Walk with Love and Death on Ipecac Recordings

(7:29Clutch “Spacegrass (Live)” from Pure Rock Fury on Atlantic Records

(5:28Primus “Mr. Krinkle” from Pork Soda on Interscope

(3:31The Residents “Sinister Exaggerator” from Duck Stab on Cherry Red Records

(5:52Melvins Lite “Mr. Rip Off” from Freak Puke on Ipecac Recordings

(7:36Peaking Lights “Cosmick Dub” from Lucifer in Dub on Weird World

(7:20Peaking Lights “Lo Hi” from Lucifer on Weird World / Hostess

(4:03M “Honolulu Joe” from Famous Last Words on Metro

(3:23Cults “Go Outside” from Cults on ITNO/Columbia

(5:25Kneebody & Daedelus “Drum Battle” from Kneedelus on Brainfeeder

(5:59BJORN TORSKE & PRINS THOMAS “K16 Del 1” from Square One on calentito

(3:00Adrian Younge “Memories of War (feat. Laetitia Sadier)” from Something About April II on Linear Labs

(7:55Stereolab “Metronomic Underground” from Emperor Tomato Ketchup on Duophonic

(6:39The Leaf Library “acre” from Daylight Versions on WIAIWYA

(4:24Throbbing Gristle “Ab/7A” from D.O.A. The Third and Final Report of Throbbing Gristle (Remastered) on Mute

(3:00Kraftwerk “Radioland (3-D)” from Radio-Activity on Parlophone UK

(2:49Sam Leidig “Default Settings”

(3:42Cindy Wilson “Mystic”

(5:22Tubeway Army “Are 'Friends' Electric?”

(4:02Charlotte Gainsbourg “Le chat du café des artistes”

(6:13LCD Soundsystem “american dream”

(4:39Thomas Leer “Tight As a Drum”

(4:38Art Feynman “Eternity in Pictures”

(5:15John Cale “Close Watch”

(2:08Mathew Lee Cothran “America Forever”

(2:54Psychic TV “Cold steel”

(2:49Robert Pollard “Sea of Dead”

(2:45The Beach Boys “God Only Knows (Mono Mix / Live / 1967)”

(3:40Numbers Station “Windows For Submarines”

(4:43Joe Lally “Revealed In Fever”

(5:54Fugazi “Strangelight”

(4:42Public Image Ltd. “No Birds”


(3:37African Head Charge “The Race, Pt. 1”

(5:37The Pop Group “Don't Call Me Pain”

(4:33Time Is Fire “Words On the Walls”

(6:00Coca Leaf “Riding Ice”

(3:00Yoko Ono “Waiting for the Sunrise”

(5:43Labradford “With John Mornand and Assisted By Brian Hoffa.”

(6:25Mogwai “ Remurdered”

(5:08Kraftwerk “The Man Machine (3-D)”

(4:56LCD Soundsystem “Disco Infiltrator”

(8:08Prince “Lady Cab Driver”

(5:26Shit Robot “What Follows”

(4:21Spoon “WhisperI'lllistentohearit”

(6:07Radiohead “Ful Stop”

(3:49Suicide “Cheree (Remix)” 

(3:00Throbbing Gristle “United (Remastered)”

(2:24Ramones “I wanna be your boyfriend”


 (4:38Art Feynman “Eternity in Pictures”

 (3:30Palm “Two Toes”

 (3:00More Humans “Slide Around”

 (4:55Deep State “Urn”

 (3:42This Is the Kit “Moonshine Freeze”

 (3:29Weekend “Drumbeat”

 (4:18Warmduscher “Gold Teeth”

 (3:50Beak> “Sex Music”

 (7:11Coca Leaf “No Light Bleeds the Den”

 (9:35Horse Lords “Toward the Omega Point”

 (2:30Guided By Voices “The Birthday Democrats”

 (3:35Keene Brothers “The Camouflaged Friend”

 (2:22The Who “Glow Girl”

 (3:52R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner “I H8 Ppl”

 (4:47White Reaper “The World's Best American Band”

 (2:45Cheap Trick “Nowhere”

 (3:30The Orwells “Hippie Soldier”

 (6:41Melvins “Black Heath”

 (9:47Gnod “People” from

 (2:41Scritti Politti “28/8/78”

 (5:21Flipper “First the Heart”

 (7:47The Stooges “Fun House (Remastered Version)”


 (9:03Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox “Standing Mandala”

 (5:50Burnt Friedman “Grace”

 (7:00Beak> “Wulfstan II”

 (2:51Silver Apples “Oscillations”

 (9:47Neu! “Negativland”

 (8:54Man Forever “Catenary Smile”

 (12:48Floating Points “Kelso Dunes”


The Heliocentrics “The Uncertainty Principle”

The Dream Syndicate “Armed With an Empty Gun”

Guided By Voices “Pearly Gates Smoke Machine”

Pell Mell “constellation”

Palm “Sign to Signal”

Wire “Mercy (2006 Remastered Version)”

Elastica “human”

Wall “River Mansion

Cloud Nothings “Wasted Days”

Wavves & Cloud Nothings “come down”

Jason Loewenstein “Light the Room”

Strange Times People Band “Big Jenny”

Can “Vitamin C (2004 Remaster)”

Burnt Friedman “Languish”

Holger Czukay “Ode to Perfume”

Orlando Julius “Buje Buje”

James Blood Ulmer “Are You Glad to Be In America?”

Funkadelic “I'll bet you”

Dr. John “Locked down”

Linton Kwesi Johnson “Bass Culture”

July 21, 2017

Rust Over Burnout!


(2:16) The Breeders “German Studies” from Mountain Battles (Bonus Track Version) on 4AD

(2:08) R. RING “YOU WILL NEVER BE BURIED” from Ignite the Rest

(4:58) Tweedy “Nobody Dies Anymore” from Sukierae on dBpm

 (3:02) Bonnie "Prince" Billy “Death Final” from Beware on Domino Records

(4:48) Grizzly Bear “Four Cypresses” from Painted Ruins on Grizzly Bear Music/RCA Records

(6:09) Department of Eagles “Floating On the Lehigh” from In Ear Park on 4AD

 (3:49) The Beatles “She's Leaving Home (Take 1 / Instrumental)” from Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Deluxe Edition) 

(6:25) Fleet Foxes “I Am All That I Need / Arroyo Seco / Thumbprint Scar” from Crack-Up on Nonesuch

(12:48) Floating Points “Kelso Dunes” from Reflections - Mojave Desert on Pod / Inertia

 (3:00) Brian Eno “The Big Ship” from Another Green World on Astralwerks

(4:17) Guillermo E. Brown “Black Dreams” from Black Dreams 1.0 on Melanine Harmonique Recordings

(5:21) Funkadelic “Cosmic Slop” from Cosmic Slop on Westbound Records Inc.

(7:46) Dr. John “I Walk on Guilded Splinters” from Gris-Gris on Rhino/Elektra

(3:58) Brian Eno & David Byrne “Regiment” from My Life In the Bush of Ghosts on Nonesuch

(4:57) Gang of Four “What We All Want” from A Brief History of the 20th Century on Parlophone UK

(7:39) Gnod “real man” from Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine on Rocket Recordings

(3:31) Scritti Politti “Bibbly-O-Tek” from Early on Rough Trade

(3:42) Fugazi “Lusty Scripps” from Instrument on Dischord Local

(4:30) Trans Am “Ship of the Imagination” from California Hotel on Thrill Jockey Records

(10:11) Super! Silver! Haze! “The Fastest Way From Here to There is Not a Straight Line” from ACLU Benefit on Verses Records

 (7:23) Burial “Subtemple” from Subtemple / Beachfires - Single on Hyperdub

(20:07) Oren Ambarchi, Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia “shine” from Aithein on Karlrecords

(7:01) Floating Points “Silurian Blue” from Reflections - Mojave Desert on Pod / Inertia

 (9:27) Pink Floyd “Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Live)” from Ummagumma on Pink Floyd Records

(9:12) Psychic Ills “Ra Wah Wah” from Inner Journey Out on Sacred Bones Records / Hostess

(6:23) Moon Duo “Run Around (Cave "Organ Desert Mix")” from Mazes Remixed on Sacred Bones Records


 (4:01Dale Crover “Hillbilly Math”

(2:51Guided By Voices “Goodbye Note”

(2:45Cheap Trick “Nowhere”

(2:58Bun E. Carlos “Idea (feat. Robert Pollard)”

(3:46Robert Pollard “Faking My Harlequin”

(4:06Wire “Forever & a Day”

(3:15Palm “Sign to Signal”

(7:09Colin Newman “Seconds to Last (Remastered)”

(4:06The Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever (Stereo Mix 2015)”

(4:04Den-Mate “sea”

(8:27Iggy Pop “Mass Production”

(5:27Weekend “nostalgia”

 (7:23Jay Som “For Light”

(4:02Mogwai “Party in the Dark”

(4:29Floating Points “Kelso Dunes (Edit)”

(12:51Cavern of Anti-Matter “tardis cymbals”

(6:06Gwenno “Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki (Tim Gane Remix)”

(10:07Neu! “Hallogallo”


 The Motorik beat is a 4/4 beat drum pattern defined primarily as; 

▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮  Hi-Hat Cymbals 
▯▯▮▯▯▯▮▯  Snare Drum 
▮▮▯▮▮▮▯▮  Kick Drum 


 (4:46The Velvet Underground “I'm Waiting for the Man (Mono Version)”

(7:4323 Skidoo “Kendang”

(8:05Isotope 217 “Looking After Life On Mars”

(3:15Man Forever “Debt and Greed”

(4:11Oneida & Rhys Chatham “Civil Weather”

(3:40This Heat “Music Like Escaping Gas”

 (28:43) Pharoah Sanders “Creator Has a Master Plan” from Karma

 (2:31Palm “Trying” 
(3:39Shellac “Compliant” 
 (3:17Trans Am “Staying Power” 
 (5:27Fugazi “the kill” 
(10:17Thurston Moore “Turn on” 
(10:45Television “Marquee Moon (Remastered)”
(11:13The Dream Syndicate “How Did I Find Myself Here” 
(3:31Young Marble Giants “N.I.T.A.” 
 (2:01Girlpool “soup” 
(8:59Weekend “Red Planes”
 (3:02R.Ring “Unwinds” 
(3:55Sophia Kennedy “foam” 
 (5:15John Cale “Close Watch” 
(4:02Brian Eno “bOTTOMLINERS” 
 (6:18Kanye West “Say You Will” 
(6:0810Cc “I'm not in love” 
(3:35Elvis Depressedly “New Alhambra” 
(6:13LCD Soundsystem “american dream” 
(20:57Tortoise “Djed” 
(5:03Wire “Drill” 
 (7:07Battles “atlas” 
(7:31Wire “Sleep-Walking” 
 (3:35Eno Mobius Rodelius “Broken Head” 
(3:30Dalek “Spiritual Healing” 
(3:35Kanye West “Black Skinhead” 
 (3:55Marilyn Manson “The Beautiful People” 
(6:00Nine Inch Nails “She’s Gone Away” 

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