Beauty Pill “Near Miss Stories” 
LCD Soundsystem “call the police” f
Kraftwerk “Neon Lights (2009 Remastered Version)” 
Spoon “WhisperI'lllistentohearit” 
Wire “Playing Harp for the Fishes” f
Gang of Four “World Falls Apart” 
Den-Mate “fall” 
Cigarette “Love's Mirror” 
Kendra Smith “She Brings the Rain” 
Kim Gordon “Murdered Out” 
Thurston Moore “aphrodite”
Lee Renaldo “Stephanie Says” 
Hallogallo 2010 “Deluxe” 
The Jesus and Mary Chain “War on Peace”
Opal "Magick Power"
T. Rex “Life Is Strange” 
The Dream Syndicate “John Coltrane Stereo Blues” 
Moon Duo “Cult of Moloch” 
Horse Lords “Stay On It” 
Oren Ambarchi, Massimo Pupillo & Stefano Pilia “shine” 
Sonic Youth “Massage the History”
Mogwai “Ex-Cowboy (Cava Sessions)”
May 12, 2017

A Blast Of Infinity!


(4:55) Deep State “Urn” 

(5:31) We Were Promised Jetpacks “Act on Impulse” 

(2:33) More Humans “Mt. Oblivion” 

(4:03) Field Music “Got to Get the Nerve” 

(6:04) Thurston Moore “Smoke of Dreams” 

(4:28) Fugazi “Argument” 

(3:41) Lou Barlow “Apocalypse Fetish” 

(3:35) Elvis Depressedly “New Alhambra” 

(5:41) R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner “Passed Away Today” 

(4:38) XTC “The Somnambulist” 

(8:37) Loose Fur “Wreckroom” 

(8:30) Golden Gunn “Vysehrad” 

(7:20) Le Loup “I Had a Dream I Died” 

(6:08) The Flaming Lips “One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill”

(5:46) Radian “Pickup Pickout” 

Adrian Belew “Dead Dog on Asphalt” 

(3:15) Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins & Leo Abrahams “2 Forms of Anger” 

(21:50) Oren Ambarchi “Hubris, Pt. 1” 


(2:25) Warm Sun “Damaged” from 45 Rpm on Bandcamp

 (3:30) Jerry Busher “wait” from Bowl in a China Shop on Bandcamp

(4:31) Deathfix “Hospital” from Deathfix on Dischord Records Local

 (3:35) Fugazi “Floating Boy (Demo Version)” from Instrument on Dischord Local

(6:41) Public Image Ltd. “Home is Where the Heart is” from Metal Box (Super Deluxe Edition) on UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

(4:01) Liquid Liquid “Lock Groove (Out)” from Liquid Liquid on Grand Royal

 (3:52) Big Walnuts Yonder “Sponge Bath” from Big Walnuts Yonder on Sargent House

 (2:39) Sneaks “Pbnj” from It's a Myth on Merge Records Local

(2:30) Young Marble Giants “Credit in the Straight World” from Colossal Youth on Domino Recording Co. LTD

 (2:57) The Xx “Vcr” from xx (Bonus Track Version) on XL

(4:02) Prinzhorn Dance School “clean” from Home Economics on DFA Records

 (5:12) The Evens “Cut from the Cloth” from Get Evens on Dischord Records

(2:33) Loose Tooth “Sleep with the State Concept” from Big Day on Father/Daughter Records, Lame-O Records

(3:17) Pavement “Trigger Cut/Wounded-Kite At :17” from Slanted & Enchanted: Luxe & Reduxe on Matador Records

 (1:51) Robert Pollard “Flat Beauty” from Not In My Airforce (Bonus Tracks Version) on GBV Inc

 (2:47) Half Japanese “Attack of the Giant Leeches” from Hear the Lions Roar on Fire Records

 (3:26) Roky Erickson “Don't Slander Me” from Don't Slander Me on Light in the Attic Records

 (3:47) The Jesus and Mary Chain “Reverberation (Single Version)” from The Power of Negative Thinking: B-Sides and Rarities on Rhino/Warner Bros.

 (3:20) 13th Floor Elevators “Fire Engine (Mono LP Version)” from The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators (2008 Remaster) on Charly

(3:33) Thee Oh Sees “Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster” from Floating Coffin on Castle Face

 (10:21) Ty Segall “Warm Hands (Freedom Returned)” from Ty Segall on Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

 (6:16) King Crimson “red” from Red (Expanded Edition) on Discipline Global Mobile

 (10:11) Super! Silver! Haze! “The Fastest Way From Here to There is Not a Straight Line” from ACLU Benefit on Verses Records

April 28, 2017

There Is No Box!



(3:52) R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner “I H8 Ppl” from Make It Be on Lost Colony Music

(3:46) Robert Pollard “Faking My Harlequin” from The Crawling Distance on Guided By Voices, Inc.

(2:30) Tobin Sprout “A Walk Across the Human Bridge” from The Universe and Me on Petrified Fish Records

(2:33) Guided By Voices “Deflect Project” from August By Cake on Rockathon

 (3:51) Tommy Keene “Places That Are Gone” from Tommy Keene You Hear Me: A Retrospective 1983-2009 on Second Motion Records

(8:30) Richard Lloyd “Field of Fire” from Field Of Fire on Celluloid

 (8:41) Built To Spill “Goin' Against Your Mind” from You In Reverse on Warner Bros.

(6:48) Yo La Tengo “Ohm” from Fade (Deluxe Edition) on Matador Records

(4:24) The Feelies “Moscow nights” from Crazy Rhythms on Bar/None Records

(6:17) The Velvet Underground “I'm Not a Young Man Anymore (Live In New York City, 1967)” from White Light / White Heat (Deluxe Edition) on Universal Records

(12:30) Wilco “Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Live)” from ROADCASE-LIVE JAN 2017 on DB

(5:00) LCD Soundsystem “Jump into the Fire (Radio One Live Session)” from Daft Punk Is Playing at My House - Single on Parlophone UK

(9:58) Neu! “E-Musik” from Neu! '75 on Groenland Records

(11:30) Stereolab “Blue Milk” from Cobra and Phases Group Play Voltage In the Milky Night on Duophonic UHF Disks

(5:21) Cavern of Anti-Matter “insect fear” from Void beats / Invocation trex on Duophonic

(4:13) Secret Machines “Nowhere Again” from Now Here Is Nowhere on Warner Bros.




April 21, 2017

Mister Softie!


Wire “Forever & a Day” from Silver / Lead on pinkflag

Den-Mate “fall” from Fall - Single on Babe City Records

Video Love “Mon ange” from Mon ange on Lentonia

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble “Undying Love for Humanity” from Find Me Finding You on Drag City

Liquid Liquid “Lock Groove (In)” from Liquid Liquid on Grand Royal

LCD Soundsystem “Dance Yrself Clean” from This Is Happening (Deluxe Edition) on Parlophone UK

The Magnetic Fields “'83: Foxx and I” from 50 Song Memoir on Nonesuch

Mathew Lee Cothran “Wild Life (Let Me Know)” from Judas Hung Himself in America on Bandcamp

Mogwai “Mexican Grand Prix” from Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will (Bonus Track Version) on Sub Pop Records

Trans Am “Am Rhein” from Futureworld on Thrill Jockey

Helium “walk away” from The Magic City on Matador

Snail Mail “Thinning” from Habit - EP on Sister Polygon Records Local

Built To Spill “Life's a Dream” from There is No Enemy on Warner Bros.

Wilco “Impossible Germany” from Sky Blue Sky on Nonesuch

Guided By Voices “Goodbye Note” from August By Cake on Rockathon

Lifeguards “Red Whips & Miracles” from Mist King Urth on Fading Captain Series

Wire “This time” from Silver / Lead on pinkflag

Golden Gunn “Vysehrad” from Golden Gunn on Three Lobed Recordings

Guided By Voices “5° on the Inside” 
Orwells “They Put a Body In the Bayou” 
Golden Smog “You Make it Easy” 
Tommy Keene “All Gone Away” 
Tobin Sprout “The Universe and Me” 
Circus Devils “Smoke Machine”
Cheap Trick “Auf Weidesehen”
Apex Manor “Under the Gun” 
Wilco “I Might” 
Elvis Costello & The Attractions “tHE bEAT” 
Wings “Spin It On”
The Damned “New Rose (2017 Remastered)” 
Camille “Fontaine de lait” 
Kate Bush “The Dreaming” 
Jay Som “(Bedhead)” 
My Bloody Valentine “Cupid Come”
The Jesus and Mary Chain “War on Peace” 
The Velvet Underground “Oh! Sweet Nuthin'” 
The Feelies “In Between (Reprise)” 
Luna “23 Minutes in Brussels”
Opal “Soul Giver” 
April 7, 2017

Time For Love!


Buzzcocks “I Believe (1989 Remastered Version)”

Sneaks “Devo”

Young Marble Giants “Music for Evenings”

The Evens “Warble Factor”

Cate Le Bon “Love Is Not Love”

Brian Eno “Mother Whale Eyeless”

Holger Czukay “Persian love”

Mathew Lee CothranAmerica Forever”

The 6ThsSan Diego Zoo”

The Magnetic Fields “'81: How to Play the Synthesizer”


The Jesus and Mary Chain “War on Peace”

Thee Oh Sees “Encrypted Bounce”

Ty Segall “Talkin'”

T. Rex “Children of the Revolution”

The Feelies “Stay the Course”

Lou Reed “Real Good Time Together”

Yo La Tengo “Big Day Coming”

Wilco “Speak Into the Rose (Bonus Track)”

Mogwai “How to Be a Werewolf”

Tone “Antares”

April 2, 2017

40 Versions Of….


Wire “Short Elevated Period”

Guided By Voices “Goodbye Note”

The Grays “Outdoor Miner”

Jellyfish “The Ghost At #1”

The Beach Boys “Cabinessence (instrumental)

Jim O'Rourke “Insignificance”

Department of Eagles “In Ear Park

The Beatles “Long, long, long”

Elliott Smith “Pictures of Me”

Guided By Voices “Sentimental Wars”

Jason Loewenstein “Machinery”

SebadohI Will”

Hüsker Dü “Celebrated Summer”

Sneaks “Hair Slick Back”

Esg “U.F.O.”

A Certain Ratio “SHACK UP”

Flasher “Tense”

Laetitia Sadier Source Ensemble “Undying Love For Humanity”

Cavern of Anti-MatterTraces”

Harmonia & Eno '76Luneburg Heath (The Field Remix)”

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross “and When the Sky Was Opened”

Zomes “Beckoning Breeze”

Big Walnuts Yonder “Sponge Bath”


The Magnetic Fields “'81: How to Play the Synthesizer”


Panda BearSlow Motion”

Animal Collective “Hocus Pocus”

The Books “Take time”

Soviet Soviet “Going Through”

Joy Division “Transmission”

Jay Som “(Bedhead)”


The Cure “The Holy Hour”

Elmapi “Circe”

PC Worship “Tranq”

Flipper “The Lights, the Sound, the Rhythm, the Noise”

Fake Buildings “Is Daavid Duuchovvny Real?”

The Flaming Lips “One Night While Hunting for Faeries and Witches and Wizards to Kill”

The Residents “Sinister Exaggerator”

Primus “Mr. Krinkle”

The Velvet Underground & Nico “Venus In Furs”

Yo La Tengo “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind”

The Feelies “Been Replaced”

March 18, 2017

Can I Swim Next To You?


Spoon “Can I Sit Next to You”

Guided By Voices “Hiking Skin”

The Who “Pure and Easy”

Bun E. CarlosArmenia City in the Sky (feat. John Stirratt)”

Robert Pollard & Doug Gillard “Frequent Weaver Who Burns”

The Feelies “Flag Days”

Flo Morrissey & Matthew E. WhiteSunday Morning”

Lou Reed “Baby Face”

Scott Hirsch “The Sun Comes Up a Purple Diamond”

J.J. Cale “Humdinger”

Young Marble Giants “Wurlitzer Jukebox”

Hovercraft “Phantom Limb”

Beak> “Wuflstan”

Public Image Ltd. “Albatross (Monitor Mix / Alternate Mix)”

Exploded View “one too many”

Nico “Sixty Forty”


Elmapi “Circe”

Super! Silver! Haze! “The Fastest Way From Here to There is Not a Straight Line”

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