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Saved Herself, Shaved Herself

Don’t Be Late

747 Ego (Oh Yeah)

North Morning Silver Trip

Living on Planet Cake

Hudson Rake

Bull Spears

Discussions in the Cave

It Will Never Be Simple

The Stars Behind Us

He Lives Upstairs

Mary & the Summer


Orchestrated Horseshit TV Spot 2

Disconnected Eyes

Troppers in Town

Tropical Robots

Trumps and Trumpets

Try it Out (It’s Nothing)

Try Me on for Size

Try to Find You

Trying to Make it Work Again

The Tumblers

Tulip Review

Turbo Boy


Twilight Campfire

Two Girl Area

Two or Three Songs

Two and a Half Tanks

Tykie Love (Text Book Memorial Hemmingway)

Tyson’s High School

U.S. Mustard Company


UFO Love Letters

UFO Nights

UFO to Hitler

Ugly BaBa

Ugly Day of Rain and Soccer

The Ugly Vision

Unbaited Vicar of Scorched Earth

Uncle Dave

Under Review


Underground Initiations

Underwater Explosions

Unfinished Business


Unfun Glitz

Jaimie Branch-nuevo roquero estereo
Arubu Avua-Um Gosto de Ferro
Thee Oh Sees-Toadstool Experiment
Monolake-Hitting the Surface
Ryoji Ikeda-Untitled
Teun Verbruggen/Trevor Dunn-Hymenoptera Spheciade
Jordan Reyes-Rebirth at Dusk
Juana Molina-Sin Dones
Model Home-Broken Teef
Nurse with Wound-Woollen Numbness of Anesthesia
Ryoji Ikeda-Coda
Mold Omen-MO 11.18.20-11 22 20, 11:16 AM
Shit and Shine-Barbara and Woodrow
Ryoji Ikeda-Zero Degrees (3)
Chester Hawkins-91044

The Beach Boys-Caroline, No (ending)
Broadcast/The Focus Group-the be colony
SUSS-No Man's Land
Eiko Ishibashi-Animal-Kemono
David Toop/Teun Verbruggen/Trevor Dunn-Bug of the Week
Ryoji Ikeda-Test Pattern #1111
Mold Omen-Ha for Happiness
Insect Factory-Solar Dawn
Arubu Avua-Rio Sonambulo
Lidl-Blippar Varor I Kassan
Bomis Prendin-Hell's Little Ransom
Moondog-Marimba Mondo 1-The Rain Forest
Ryoji Ikeda-Zone 1
William Basinski-Punch and Judy
Anthony Pirog-tm6
Ryoji Ikeda-Zone 1
Chester Hawkins-VBK6812
Kraftwerk/Hot Chip-La Forma (King of the Hill Mix)
Prins Thomas-Ambitions

75 Dollar Bill Little Big Band-Like Like Laundry

Dezron Douglas/Brandee Younger-Equinox

Holger Czukay-Radio in an Hourglass


Insect Factory-Untitled

Lindstrom/Prins Thomas-Harmonia

Chester Hawkins-BBE6794


Deerhoof-Love-Lore 1

Godcaster-Escape from Challenge Deep

Psychic Temple/Dream Syndicate-On the Slide

Dezron Douglas/Brandee Younger-Toilet Paper Romance

Internet Club-Aurora

Lidl-Kundsnack Svenskt Kott

Shit and Shine-Hillbilly Moonshine

Osees-Terminal Experiment

Gunn-Truscinski Duo-Pyramid Merchandise

Tristan Welch-Recreational Anxiety

January 1, 2021

IMR: Hello 2021

Osees-Scramble Experiment

Shit and Shine-Rat Snake

Broadcast and The Focus Group-Let it Begin/Oh Joy

Bronze Age UFO-D

Gunn-Truscinski Duo-Gam

M.Sage/Lake Mary/Patrick Shiroishi-Cicada Season

Jordan Reyes-Rebith at Dusk

Chester Watson-Porcelain Geisha

ONO-Tar Baby

TOBACCO-Chinese Aquarius

Holy Tongue-Erev


Linton Kwesi Johnson-Brain Smashing (DUB)

Shit and Shine-Malibu Liqour Store

Lee Paradise-A Present to Ponder

Magik Markers-Find You Ride

Osees-Gong of Catastrophe

Galecstasy-Advanced Civilization

The Books-Group Autogenics 1

Sun Ra Arkestra-Sea of Darkness/Darkness

WaqWaq Kingdom-3rd Eye

Tricky-Chills Me to the Bone

Scanner-The Fall of Gray

Spencer Cullum-Dietrich Buxtehude



2325 To Be So Welcome    
2326 To Each His Zone (Sunshine Baby Butt)    
2327 To England The Tigers    
2328 To Keep An Area    
2329 To Remake The Young Flyer    
2330 To The Path!    
2331 To The Waistband    
2332 Tobacco's Last Stand    
2333 Together/Apart    
2334 Tom Tom Small And Wonderful    
2335 Tomfoole Terrific    
2336 Tomorrow    
2337 Tomorrow Man    
2338 Tomorrow Will Not Be Another Day    
2339 Tomorrow You May Rise    
2340 Tonight's The Rodeo    
2341 Too Drunk For Facebook    
2342 Too Much Fun (Is Too Much Fun)    
2343 Too Much Makeup    
2344 Too Strong For No One To See You    
2345 Top Chick Silver Chord    
2346 Top Of My Game    
2347 Toppings Take The Cake    
2348 Total Exposure    
2349 Touch Me In The Right Place At The Right Time    
2350 Touched To Be Sure    
2351 Tough Skin River    
2352 Tour Guide At The Winston Churchill Memorial    
2353 Tourist UFO    
2354 Towers And Landslides    
2355 Town of Mirrors    
2356 Track Star    
2357 Tractor Rape Chain    
2358 Tractor Rape Chain (Clean It Up)    
2359 Trader Vic    
2360 Trampoline    
2361 Transfusion    
2362 Transpiring Anathema    
2363 Trap Soul Door    
2364 Trash Truck    
2365 Trashcan Full Of Nails    
2366 Trashed Aircraft    
2367 Trashed Aircraft Baby    
2368 Trashed Canned Goods    
2369 Travels    
2370 Tree Fly Jet    
2371 Trendspotter Acrobat    
2372 Trial Of Affliction And Light Sleeping    
2373 Trick Of The Telekinetic Newlyweds    
2374 Tricyclic Looper    
2375 Trip The Web    
2376 Triple Sec Venus    
December 25, 2020

IMR: The Holiday Special!

William S. Burroughs-The Junky’s Christmas

Ryoji Ikeda-Supercodex 08

Bomis Prendin-Mnenomic Device/Psychlotron

ONO-20th August 1619

Jordan Reyes-Centarus

Brian Eno-Becalmed

Psychic Temple-Music for Airports-1/1


Tristan Welch-Employment Frustration

Chester Hawkins-K516156

Lee Paradise-Medicinal Magic

WaqWaq Kingdom-Doggy Bag



Model Home-Bag

The Focus Group-Medium in the Mirror

Bomis Prendin-Street Without Lunch

The Ridiculous Trio-I Wanna Be Your Dog

Sun Ra Arkestra-Angels and Demons at Play

Dezron Douglas/Brandee Younger-Wise One

Blacks Myths-Upper South


Thee Oh Sees-Block of Ice (Live)

Miles Davis-Improv #3

Matmos-Cocktail Party How Glad I Am

Dezron Douglas/Brandee Younger-The Creator has a Master Plan

Cabaret Voltaire-Invocation

Jonathan Fitoussi-Oceans

The Focus Group-New Toytown Walk

WaqWaq Kingdom-Circle of Life

OOIOO-100 Frogs and 3 Sun in a House

Pharoah Sanders-The Creator Has a Master Plan (edit)


Chester Watson-Fog

TOBACCO-Poisonous Horses

Alex Zhang Hungtai/Pavel Milyakov-end

Mort Garson-Kevin and Paige

Model Home-Life Don’t Start or Stop

The Mantis DC-Little Circles

Caspar Brotzmann Massaker-Tempelhof

Tim Daisy-Lighted

Domenique Dumont-Sunshine 1929

Four Tet-Mama Teaches Sanskrit

Oneida-Economy Travel

Darren Cross-hONEYCOMB (10.8.5)

WaqWaq Kingdom-Mum Tells Me

Holger Czukay-Sudetenland


Bronze Age UFO-Jazz on a Cenobite Day (Jazz Dirtbag from Outer Space)

Kahil El’Zabar-How Can We Mend a Broken Heart?

Mort Garson-Death Talk and Jeep Approach

TOBACCO-Poisonous Horses

White Noise-Love Without Sound

Cabaret Voltaire-Treated Drum Machine


Eiko Ishibashi-A Ghost in a Train, Thinking

William Basinski-Passio


David Nance-If the Truth Ever Shows Up

Sun Ra Arkestra-Space Loneliness

The Ridiculous Trio-Dirt

Call Super-Welcome New People

Bomis Prendin-Forlorn Backtrack

Paul Dejong-Pipe Dream

The Soft Pink Truth-Sinning

Sarah Davachi-Canyon Walls


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