September 17, 2016

The Rock and Roll Vampire!

Snail Mail “Slug”

Built To Spill “wherever You Go”

Neil Young “dANGERBIRD”

Dinosaur Jr. “Mirror”

The Lemon Twigs “As Long as We're Together”

Department of Eagles “In Ear Park”

The Beatles “Dear prudence”

The Chills “Pyramid / when the Poor Can Reach the Moon”

XTC “Dying”

Cobra Verde “I Feel Love”

Wire “Drill”

Ought “Beautiful Blue Sky”

Controlled Bleeding “As Evening Fades”

Eno Mobius Rodelius “Base & Apex”

Lifeguards “Red Whips & Miracles”

Wilco “Common Sense”

The Books “Take time”

Grandaddy “He's Simple, He's Dumb, He's the Pilot” from The Sopftware Slump

September 10, 2016

Powerful and Unpopular!

(8:32) Car Seat Headrest “Cosmic Hero” 

(4:03) Dinosaur Jr. “Goin Down” 

(3:47) Sugar “A Good Idea” 

 2:39) JPNSGRLS “A Comprehensive List of Things I Love” 

(2:54) More Humans “Mason-Dixon” 

(2:12) Dot Dash “Dumb Entertainment”

 (4:34) Doug Gillard “Overseas” 

(2:34) Guided By Voices “Back to the Lake” 

 (3:44) Cheap Trick “Southern Girls” 

 (2:39) Tuns “Mind over Matter” 

 (3:13) More Humans “Big Day” 

(3:47) Jellyfish “The King Is Half-Undressed” 

(3:00) The Grays “OUTDOOR MINER” 

(3:04) Omni “wire” 

 (2:20) Puff Pieces “Mindhead” 

(2:37) Wire “mannequin” 

(3:37) Shellac “ghosts” 

(3:38) Melvins “Nude with Boots” 

(4:16) Dumb Numbers “Essence//Existence”

(5:01) 1000 Homo DJs “SUPERNAUT” 

(3:21) Katy Goodman & Greta Morgan “Sex beat” 

(2:59) Nice As Fuck “guns” 

(5:01) Exploded View “one too many” 

(7:46) Public Image Ltd. “Poptones” 

September 3, 2016

Make Mine Fabulous!

Brian Eno “Needles In the Camel's Eye (2004 Remaster)”

Roxy Music “Re-Make / Re-Model”

Thee Oh Sees “Hang a Picture”

Deerhoof “Kafe Mania!”

Yoko Ono/Plastic Ono Band “Calling”

Cate Le Bon “No God”

Exploded View “Orlando

Stereolab “Brakhage”

Cavern of Anti-Matter “Insect Fear”

Kosmicher Laufer “Jenseits des Horizonts”

Parquet Courts “Human Performance”

Pavement “Major Leagues”

Built To Spill “Liar”

Dinosaur Jr. “Left/Right”

ESP Ohio “Royal Cyclopean”

Gem “2 Me Now”

Trust Punks “Paradise / Angel-Wire”

Sonic Youth “Anti-Orgasm”

Fugazi “Argument”

toNe “Antares”

August 27, 2016

Hello Asheville!

Shellac “Compliant” 

Exploded View “Lost Illusions”

Beak> “Wulfstan II” from >>

Peaking Lights “Beautiful Son”

A.C. Marias “Time was”

Robert Pollard “Of Course You Are”

Lou Barlow “Game of Pricks”

Lou Barlow “Moving”

Lifeguards “Product Head”

Wire “A Touching Display (2006 Remaster)”

The Monkees “Good times!

The Beatles “Doctor Robert (Mono)”

Bun E. Carlos “Idea (feat. Robert Pollard)”

Melvins “You Can Make Me Wait”

Butthole Surfers “I Saw an X-Ray of a Girl Passing Gas”

The Claypool Lennon Delirium “Captain Lariat”

Phish “Wilson (Live)”

Frank Zappa “Cosmic Debris”

Primus “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver”

Ween “A Tear for Eddie”

Funkadelic “Maggot Brain”

August 20, 2016

Hello Kiddies!

 (3:00Cheap Trick “E.L.O. Kiddies”

 (4:41Guided By Voices “I Am a Tree”

 (2:38Bun E. Carlos “I Love You No More (feat. Alex Dezen)”

 (3:05Tommy Keene “I Want It to Be Over Now”

 (2:46Chris Bell “I Got Kinda Lost”

 (3:00Alex Chilton “Jumpin' Jack Flash”

 (8:32Car Seat Headrest “Cosmic Hero”

 (4:23Built To Spill “Living Zoo”

 (4:17Dinosaur Jr. “Mirror”

 (4:12Melvins “Choco Plumbing”

 (4:31Black Sabbath “Supernaut”

 (3:00Patti Smith Group “Pumping”

 (8:42The Velvet Underground “White Light / White Heat (Version 2 / Live)”

 (4:08The Feelies “Everybody's Got Something to Hide (Except Me and My Monkey)”

 (3:00Yo La Tengo “Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind”

 (4:34Snail Mail “Slug”

 (2:33Nirvana “Marigold”

 (2:26The Evens “Warble Factor (version)”

 (2:13Young Marble Giants “Credit In the Straight World (Taken from The Salad Days Album)”

 (3:00Pixies “Vamos (Surfer Rosa)”

 (2:10Sunwolf “We Work”

 (2:34Robert Pollard “My Daughter Yes She Knows”

 (3:00Cheap Trick “Auf Weidersehen”


 (2:20Puff Pieces “Mindhead”  

 (3:28Omni “Cold Vermouth”

 (3:30Elastica “Human”

 (4:50Wire “Forward Position”

 (4:13Sebadoh “Beat”

 (5:16Snail Mail “Static Buzz”

 (5:35Hole “Doll Parts”

 (2:24PJ Harvey “50 Ft Queenie”

 (3:25Jim Jones and the Righteous Mind “Boil Yer Blood”

 (4:59Dr. John “Locked down”

 (3:00J.J. Cale “Cajun Moon”

 (3:12The Black Keys “Howlin' for You”

 (4:46Dinosaur Jr. “Knocked Around”

 (4:14Sugar “Gift (Remastered)”

 (3:28Burning Airlines “A Lexicon”

 (3:00The Dismemberment Plan “White Collar White Trash”

 (4:00More Humans “Icicles”

 (8:32Car Seat Headrest “Cosmic Hero”

 (5:31We Were Promised Jetpacks “Act On Impulse”

 (7:04XTC “Travels in Nihilon”

 (5:09The Claypool Lennon Delirium “Ohmerica”

 (2:18Wilco “Locator”

August 8, 2016

Re-Broadcast promo


ESP Ohio “Royal Cyclopean”

Bun E. Carlos “Armenia City in the Sky (feat. John Stirratt)”

Apex Manor “Under the Gun” 10:09PM-10:14PM (4:54)

Sebadoh “flame” from The Sebadoh on Sub Pop

Dot Dash “Wishing Star”

Nap Eyes “stargazer”

Omni “Jungle Jenny”

Slant 6 “Love Shock”

Wire “Being Sucked In Again (2006 Remastered Version)”

Lower Dens “Propagation”

The Cure “other voices”

Snail Mail “Thinning”

Yowler “water”

Young Marble Giants “Salad days”

The Evens “King of Kings”

Sunwolf “We Work”

The Fall “L.A. (Remastered)”

The Fall “Wise Ol' Man (instrumental)”

Tone “Antares”

Mogwai “You're Lionel Richie”

Oneida “Preteen Weaponry, Pt. I”

July 30, 2016


X-Ray Spex “The Day the World Turned Day-Glo”

The Julie Ruin “Be Nice”

Yoko Ono “Midsummer New York

Patti Smith “Gloria: In Excelsis Deo”

Au Pairs “We're so Cool”

Bush Tetras “Das Ah Riot”

Suicide “Girl”

The Cars “Candy-O”

Peaches “Close Up (feat. Kim Gordon) [Maya Jane Coles / Nocturnal Sunshine Remix]”

Nice As Fuck “guns”

M.I.A. “Paper Planes”

Earl Sweatshirt “Chum”

Bun E. Carlos “Idea (feat. Robert Pollard)”

Big Star “When My Baby's Beside Me”

The Monkees “Birth of an Accidental Hipster”

XTC “Snowman”

Jim O'Rourke “Insignificance”

The Beach Boys “Cabin Essence”

Trust Punks “Paradise / Angel-Wire”

Polvo “Thermal Treasure”

Sonic Youth “I Dreamed I Dream”

Fugazi “Closed Captioned (Demo Version)”


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